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Vodja / Team Leader

2. član / 2nd team member

3. član / 3rd team member

4. član / 4th team member

5. član / 5th team member

6. član / 6th team member

7. član / 7th team member

8. član / 8th team member

1.spremljevalec / 1st companion

2.spremljevalec / 2nd companion

3.spremljevalec / 3rd companion

Več informacij o nastanitvah najdete tukaj / More info you can find here

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Enter team members name in lowercase letters (with a capital letter).Enter dates in the form DD.MM.YYYY.
Team member Statement
(A signed statement shold be delivered by the team leader to organizer when taking up race numbers and information material)
With my signature I confirm that I am healthy, medical examinated and fit enough to cycle on REKREATUR ™ I certify that the information provided on the application form are true. I am familiar with the instructions of the organizer that I have to cycle on teh provided route REKREATUR ™ in accordance with the Law on Road Traffic (Slovene, Italy and Austria) at my own risk and follow all instructions of the organizer. I will not filed any claims or lawsuits against the organizer from any damage that may be suffered during the lifetime of a REKREATUR ™. I agree that the organizer, in accordance with the laws on the protection of personal data, may use all my data from these application, my statements, my interviews, photos and videos related to development of REKREATUR ™ and used in the context of promotion events in all kinds of media (newspapers, TV, radio, Internet) without me requesting any compensation.
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