Initiative for safe cycling


safe cycling initiative




Nation-wide initiative for safe cycling is designed to provide traffic safety between youngest cyclists. It exposes their safely cycling with fully equipped bike and wearing a helmet. The prism of security is one aspect, the other draws attention to the problem of unregulated cycling infrastructure in many Slovenian town.  In addition, initiative aims also to promote cycling as a healthy lifestyle , which brings individuals greater quality of life.

The core activity of the initiatives is call for primary schools , involving pupils to carried cycling exam during the current school. Participation of pupils and their mentors in the call takes place in four different sets of functions that help them to discover the dangerous road sections in its place,  learn traffic signs, enjoy cycling in their spare time and learn about cycling equipment .

In parallel with the call to the primary schools , Initiative for safe cycling also alert to the problem of unregulated cycling infrastructure in many Slovenian towns . This is done under the auspices of the Slovenian Cycling Federation and local councils for the prevention and education users in traffic.

Nation-wide initiative for safe cycling is supported bay the company Butan Plin, which as a socially responsible company believes in sustainable development and long-term success of responsible action towards the environment in which it operates . By investing in programs such as Safe on the bike , the Butan plin seeks an active influence on improving the quality of life in the wider social environment .

There is a number of partners  joined to initiative for safe cycling , including the National Agency for traffic safety , Cycling Association of Slovenia , Police, Rog Cycling Club and BTC .
It is suppored by some supporters from: Ministry of Education, Science and Sport , the Netherlands Embassy , the Municipality of Ljubljana , Institute of Public Health , Slovenian cycling network , Hiking and biking GIZ Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region , Europlakat, Faculty Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Traffic Technical Institute and Rekreatur .