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Rekreatur 2017 / video

Rekreatur 2017 / video

27 – 30 August 2020 / Kranj and Spodnji Brnik and Cerknica and Most na Soči and Litija.
Again Kranj and Glavni trg will be the center of this year Rekreatur. There will be the start of the Prologue and the ‘pre-start’ of all stages. The real start will be, like on Rekrereatur 2019, riched by BUS transfer. We choose three different interesting spots of impresive Slovenia landscape.
To see exactly where they are take a look at the links below. The FINISH of the prologue and all three stages will again be on Glavni trg, as usual the proclamation of winners and of course delicious supper will be the Stari Mayr Inn.

We will overcome about 247 km long path and make about 2160 m of descents .. ups.. and also about 2350 m ascents.

Variable weather conditions, which have accompaign us on EVERY Rekreatur since 2006 will for sure be there this year. But they will not obstuct us from experiencing the genuine and unique atmosphere of REKREATUR!

The REKREATUR 2020 technical team promise you that!

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