Mar 232020


is successfully flooding country by country and hence our modern world has practically stopped. I am certain that no single person has expected the situation to come this far nor that it is even possible. I mean, wow…can we not go to the shops every day? Are we not allowed to sit and hang around where ever we want to? And the things that we believe are URGENT to us, strangely they are now not accessible the moment we desire them.  I mean…what is happening?! We have to spend 24/7 with our children and partners. Our meetings are limited to indoor virtual meetings. And we have finally accepted that the product delivery can actually be a bit delayed and that is OKAY. In all that, I believe the time has stopped for majority of people. Everything slowed down a bit. But is that really so bad?

Look at the politicians. All of a sudden all their meetings and ‘agreements’ can be reached fairly quickly, online and in most cases, for a change, for the better of all (health-wise). They are proving that laws can actually be agreed faster with no typical elements of postponing and avoidance. Well paid EU politicians have video-conferences instead of normal face-to-face meetings. They do not need to fly in first class and spend the night in some 5-star hotels. The same goes to all other world organizations run by ‘wanna be’ almighty leaders that have lost their sense of the humanity long time ago.

EVERYTHING I stated above are the GOOD THINGS coming out of so called crazy current situation. Politicians, who we voted for, are proving that everything can actually be done….if ONLY there’s a strong will of course. In saying that, I truly hope that ALL CURRENT ACTS will not be forgotten in the future after we finally beat COVID-19 and return our lives back to the old tracks.

klik za Film REKREATUR 2017

klik za Film REKREATUR 2017

2. REKREATUR 2020 is happening IF circumstances allowing of course. Hopefully current situation returns back to normal as soon as possible. We want to hope for the best and stay POSITIVE. To the all the new prologue and the three stages  that we have already prepared, we will be taken to by bus (as the previous year). We have updated and prepared all the price packages  and have also opened the  application. We already have our first team applied– which to no surprise is the team from NETHERLANDS.

Take your time (that’s one you have in abundance now ) and read through our offer. Maybe you will get that buzz again and join the charms of Rekreatur 2020.