Dec 252018

Anton in ekipa Rekreatur vam želimoThe year 2018, which brought us many more beautiful than bad moments is passing. The Tourist Association Rekreatur was renamed to ‘Rekreatur, the Association for Tourism and cycling developmnet’, thus emphasizing the activity that we have been carrying out since our very beginning in the distant year of 2006. Cycling in Slovenia finally gets its proper place. I do not think a professional way but a daily one. Not only the local, but also on the national level there are huge movements for cycling. And I believe that 2019 will fully confirm my claims.

This year’s Rekreatur was again just like we want. No injuries a lot of fun and competitive positive atmosphere. It is true that rain and frost were only the end of August and it was very likely that this was the result of poor donation to ANTON. But when we were with cyclists on the road, weather did not spoil anything. Rekreatur is just here and it needs to be cycled. We gave the orange jersey to the winning team BACTIM at the end of December at a gala dinner at Stare Mayr guesthouse.

What are our plans for 2019?

  1. In January we will present ourselves at the Alpe-Adria Fair, where together with the Slovenian Cycling Network we will organize a conference on remote bicycle connections;
  2. In February, we will carry out a charity auction of relics of Rekreatur, which has been greatly shaken in these 13 years;
  3. preparations for our new SavaTOUR product will start, which will see the light of the world in 2020 and will present everything and more of the good that we learned in the Rekreatur;
  4. we will carry out ‘Cycling Day under Storžič’
  5. Rekreatur 2019 will be back in August but this time in a slightly different form. What kind? for now we are not betraying it to you yet.
  6. we will actively participate in the activities of the European Mobility Week in Kranj.And there are many other activities that will accumulate … SO WE WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN 2019!