Aug 262021
KOLONCE - first applied team from Slovenia

KOLONCE – first applied team from Slovenia

Today, August 26, 2021 at 4:30 pm, from the GMain Square in Kranj, 7 teams consisting of members of the Rekreatur association will set off on a 230 km long journey through Gorenjska. At the same time, they will overcome as many as 2540 m of ascents and, of course, descents. Cycling is beginning of the promotion of the cycling product “Kranjska kolesarska roža”, prepared by the Institute for Tourism and Culture Kranj. Of the six product routes, cyclists will cover three and the fourth one quarter.

Today they will start with the prologue, which mostly takes place along the route of Jezerjanka, tomorrow they will go along Ločanka, on Saturday along Tržičanka and on Sunday they will end on Kamničanka. On the way, they will stop at 4 checkpoints, which are also included in the “interesting points worth stopping” of the ‘Kranjska kolesarska roža’ product. O

f course, I should especially emphasize that the vast majority of routes run along the Gorenjska cycling network, which is a regional product of 18 Gorenjska and 6 neighboring municipalities. What should be at the end of this record – clearly IT HAS BEGUN!