Jul 182021

img_5435This days we checked whether the routes of the prologue and the 1st stage are right for this year’s Rekreatur. Due to the works on the roads in Šenčur, the PROLOG route is delayed (see it here), but the fact that it is flat and beautiful does not change anything. What is good for us is that a new bike path has been built from the Brdo Estate towards vilčlage of Kokrica. This is another step that brings the Municipality of Kranj closer to the cyclists PERFECT organized municipalities in Slovenia. That is also why we took the PROLOGUE route here.
However, when we checked the route of the 1st STAGE (here it is), we were of course received by the “Recreatur” weather conditions. When we reached the planned checkpoint at the upper station of the Stari Vrh cable car, it poured and washed us all the way to Kranj. This is also why the video of the route is a bit simplified as we hurried to the dry shelter at home. The route of the 1st STAGE will definitely be slightly changed, as the ascent to Stari Vrh is too much.