Feb 222018

P1080298The BACTIM team, who has registered as third team, has a member Miran, who participated in all of the Rekreatur events and it makes him a ‘LEGEND’. Does this mean that together with Jambor teams they will take over Rekreatur? If this really happens, we will be the most satisfied organizers. Teams will not need escorts at all, as they know everything – how and when it’s wise to get into the Check Point, which slope is better to go around and what do you need to get through the Finish at the right moment.

But Rekreatur is a serious event and of course this will not happen. We the organizers also know some tricks and surprises to are prepare them on the tracks. If you would like to know what kind of a surprises it will be, then they are not a surprise? So it will be necessary to collect friends and apply as a team  and simply be there.

Current statistics:  men 64.3% : women 35.7%