Feb 202018

rr-nedelja-129Legends returned! The Jambor team, known as ‘Rekreatur legends’ was the first to apply for Rekreatur 2018. Even more, enhanced with some team members of ‘HK’ TASTAR’ team they have applied as two teams! The Jambor No ONE consist of female cyclists and the Jambor No TWO is the male part of the aforementioned teams.
We ask ourselves what kind of tactics they will choose because none of them haven’t won the Rekreatur orange jersey yet. Their base camp is in Srednje Bitnje village right next to the organizers’ headquarters, and we can only hope that we will withstand the possible pressure to reduce the slope of the slopes, which are waiting for us this year in the first, but especially in the second stage.

The first application also gives us an immediate signal that Rekreatur 2018 started. Irreversible!