Jun 302020

oranjeWe just got another team from Netherlands registered for Rekreatur 2020. ARJEN ROBBEN with eight team members therefore outnumbers for the first time all the Slovenian members which makes it very interesting. The name of ARJEN ROBBEN comes after a world known football player Arjen Robben who holds a silver medal from the FIFA World Championship in 2010. The team was inspired to participate at Rekreatur 2020 by Gerald who had been a member of ORANJE MULLEN team at Rekreatur 2017. When asked why the new team has chosen a name after a football player he replied: “Dutch people are crazy about three things – football, cycling and the riding in a headwind”.

ARJEN ROBBEN team is coming from a town called Harkstede (NL). It is located close to Groningen which is university and cultural center of Northern Netherlands with a population of 200.000 people. The city is with its extraordinary infrastructure and system THE BEST city for cyclists. No wonder it earned the name of THE WORLD’S BEST CYCLING CITY. 61% of all trips in Groningen are made by bicycle. We are really excited to have this team on board!

The current number of all RR participants is 34 and I believe it can easily reach 50.

Some Groningen bicycle details:

kolesarsaka garaža na železniški postaji Groningen

Central railway station Groningen

Tovorno kolo po nizozemsko

‘Klompen’ cargo bike

Kolesarnica od blizu

Close up of biycle garage

kolesarji  v vse smeri naenkrat

Cyclists’ only crossroad

transportna kolesa so za zaprta mestna jedra zakon!

Cargo bikes are ewerywhere!

Muzej moderne umetnosti

Museum of modern art