Jul 192020

rr2020_promo_slovenia_16We obtained a positive opinion from the National Institute of Public Health regarding the ‘New Coronoa virus – Covid 19′ implementation to the Rekreatur. In addition to all measures to prevent the transmission of Covid-19, it is essential that under the current government decree, the maximum number of visitors to a public event is limited to 50. Since we do not know how long the measure will last or whether more participants will be allowed, decided to limit the number of registered cyclists to Rekreatur to 50.

According to the information that has reached our ears, we intend to register four more from Slovenia and another from the Netherlands. If these wiretaps come true, we will have to put the last registered team into waiting room. There she will wait until the government decree is changed.

Due to logistics as well as traffic safety, we slightly changed the routes of Prolog and the 1st Stage. The prologue is 1 km longer, 1st Stage is 8 km shorter. We moved the starting point to Cerknica. In total, Rekreatur will be 240 km long, we will do 2569 m of ascents and 2382 m of descents. The mathematical difference is 187 m in favor of the ascents. But they will be beautiful and in just the right places, well … except on legendary Jelen slope in Kranj – the last 300 m before entering the Finish line in the 3rd stage.