Jul 142021

rr2020_promo_slovenia_9The first FIVE teams consisting of members of Rekreatur association applied for this year’s Rekreatur. Among them are both winners – wearing orange shirts – last year. These are the Okrepčevalnica Nace and Kolonce Teams. The two Dutch teams are also together again and I sincerely hope that this year’s “Delta Covid 19″ does not happen to us as it did last year. To those who are still hesitate for join us  let me give you some encouragement. For the first time and probably the only one in Slovenia, our event will be the promotion of “The fantastic bloom of Kranj” – cycling products prepared by the Institute for Tourism and Culture Kranj. This means that there will be a greater emphasis on the events in the checkpoints that we have chosen where the points are also worth visiting ‘fantastic bloom..’ Of course, it on every Rekreatur there are surprises, so one of the stages will be a little different than we outlined it on our website. Which one? Well..you have to join us and you will see what it will be and what we have prepared for you.