Feb 082018
Rekreatur 2017 / video

After  Rekreatur 2017 / video

After TEAM APPLICATIONS  the tracks of Prologue and three stages of this year Rekreatur are known. They are about 270 km long with aproximately 2600 m of ascents and descents. Mybe there will bo some changes on them because we haven’t cycle them yet. And they will need to be changd as there are some parts where our bikes hasn’t touch them  yet.
Checkpoints will be chosen in next step but we already know that we have taken the routes where the locals will warmly welcome us.

Which stage will be the most beautiful? Perhaps the third, if we succeed in the ideas that we have with visiting Ljubljana the Slovene capitol. Perhaps 1st stage will be nice with it’s ups and downs? The 2nd stage will be unique as we will climb below the Krvavec mountain and have the whole Ljubljana basin in front of our eyes. After all this year Rekreatur will be again beautiful, interesting, strenuous and fun.

Now we are working on good accommodation offers in Kranj. This is always the hard part as we don’t know how many of you will attendt this year Rekreatur. We hope that at least as much as last year when we had a good time. You can see the Rekreatur 2017 atmosphere on VIDEO, made by our cameraman Bogdan.