Slovenian Tourist Association


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Tourist Association of Slovenia (TZS) was founded in 1905 as the Provincial Union for the Promotion of Foreign Traffic in Carniola.
TZS strives for the presence of the tourist social activity in the tourist life of the country together with the public and private sectors as equal associates and co-creators of events in and for tourism. That is why it works with new initiatives, activities, content and projects to promote the message of the slogan Tourism We Are People. It thus contributes to the market efficiency of tourism, the growth of national income, employment, raising public awareness and establishing Slovenia as a green oasis of Europe.

The Tourist Board shapes its development and plans its work on the basis of the Law on Societies, the Statute, the strategy of tourism development and tourism legislation. Coordinates and helps to realize tourism activities, offer and development goals and active tourism policy of the country. The association, which acts as an institution of civil society in the public interest, brings together over 600 tourism societies, of which 321 societies and 23 municipal and regional federations have made a written statement of active membership of the TZS / TDO. ”


Since its founding (2006), the Rekreatur Society has been a member of the Slovenian Tourist Association, in which we realize our wishes, goals and which, within the scope of our activities, enables us to promote. This is done through appearances at the Alpe – Adria trade fair in Ljubljana, presentations at Mercator Centers around Slovenia and events organized by other associations of TZS members.

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