Dec 252018
Goodbye 2018, good luck 2019!

The year 2018, which brought us many more beautiful than bad moments is passing. The Tourist Association Rekreatur was renamed to ‘Rekreatur, the Association for Tourism and cycling developmnet’, thus emphasizing the activity that we have been carrying out since our very beginning in the distant year of 2006. Cycling in Slovenia finally gets its [more]

May 202018
Applied teams doubled!

Oranje Tulpen, Oranje Klompen and Kranjska klobasa team application have doubled the number of teams seriously preparing for this year’s Rekreatur! The Dutch team, Oranje Klompen, last year’s orange jersey winners, apparently decided to defend the flattering title. According to unverified information, they are seriously training along the Nederlands northern shore of the North Sea, [more]

Feb 042018
Application on Rekreatur 2018 is open!

From today (04/02/2018) on, you can already  apply on Rekreatur 2018. We have prepared two packages – Rekreatur BASIC and Rekreatur FULL. The only difference beetwen them is the fact that in ‘BASIC’ there are no warm meals by prologue and three stages and a promotional T-shirt Rekreatur. Everything else is unchanged. And that include interesting [more]